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Ultra Eczema And Het Bos present

ERNIE BROOKS (Modern Lovers, Arthur Russel)
MATTHEW MOTTEL (Talibam) - trio

Steve Shelley (Sonic Youth), Ernie Brooks (The Modern Lovers, Arthur Russel) & Matt Mottel (Talibam!) have been in the practice room since july. Their sound is a mix of a Sonic Youth/Modern Lovers rhythm section, with Keytar/synthesizer buzz and blur from Matt. They label their music « original nyc UFO music », expect the unexpected!

Ernie Brooks (bass, vocals)
a member of the original Modern Lovers, recorded songs that are still being played by DJ’s all around the world every night. Ernie collaborated for many years with cellist/composer Arthur Russell, and seamlessly entwined his bass sinew with Rhys Chatham and Glenn Branca’s massed guitars. He’s toured and cut vinyl with Elliott Murphy, David Johansen, Chris Spedding, Gary Lucas, Jerry Harrison, Peter Zummo, Joyce Bowden, Jonathan Kane, and Jean-Francois Pauvros.

Matt Mottel (keytar, vocals)
Keytarist and native New Yorker, has been part of the experimental underground since 1997, hanging around the NYC clubs since he was 16.
The co-founder, of NYC confusion unit Talibam!, his synthesizer sonics are contempo delusion of fuzz, phase, moan and snarl. He has also performed in Platinum Vision, CSC Funk Band, Alien Whale, and with choreographer Karole Armitage and Fluxist artist Yasunao Tone.

Steve Shelley (drums)
best known as the drummer of Sonic Youth. He currently records and tours with Thurston Moore, Sun Kil Moon, Spectre Folk and Riviera Gaz (based in Sao Paulo, Brazil). Through the years he has recorded and/or toured with Yasmine Hamdan, Howe Gelb, Townes Van Zandt, Hallogallo 2010 (with Neu’s Michael Rother), Cat Power, Disappears, Emma Tricca, Lee Ranaldo and The Dust and many others as a session musician.

(Morctapes, STROOM)
has been playing music solo since 2000. Initially the music was piano-based and mostly instrumental. Once she ‘discovered’ her voice, vocals became a main focus. The early songs had very simple structures and melodies, and the words were sparse and introvert. Musically, she experimented with different instruments such as cello, guitar, xylophone and melodica.

Dj: Ann Mathé (Risiko Press)

VVK Ticket: €10 / Kassa: €13
Tickets via steveshelley-hetbos.eventbrite.be of in de Bosbar (zonder transactiekosten)

Femke Stallaert en Annelore Crollet (toonmoment)

Spelers Annelore Crollet en Femke Stallaert beginnen het jaar 2019 met een wandeling doorheen het metaforische huis van de Duitse filmregisseur/enfant terrible Rainer Werner Fassbinder. Ze werken vanuit een fascinatie voor zijn films, teksten, maatschappelijke thema's, melodramatische personages en zijn korte maar zeer intense leven. Al spelende ontdekken ze wat dat materiaal vandaag nog kan betekenen. Ze willen los van elke productiedwang kunnen werken, maar op deze avond zetten ze de deur van hun studio op een kier. Aldaar tonen ze het resultaat van 3 weken werken in Het Bos.

"I hope to build a house with my films. Some of them are the cellar, some are the walls, and some are the windows.
But I hope in time there will be a house." Rainer Werner Fassbinder