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Quanta Qualia
Siet Raeymaekers en Tomas Dittborn

Siet Raeymaekers en Tomas Dittborn (Quanta Qualia / Nonlocal Research) werken gedurende een hele week in onze exporuimte aan een performance die ze tijdens 'NONLOCAL WAVES' aan het publiek voorstellen.

Nonlocal Waves is een multidisciplinair evenement dat doorgaat op zaterdag 5 oktober 2019, gecureerd door Siet & Tomas (Nonlocal Research) samen met Johann Kauth & David Edren (Delta~Wave).

→ Agenda: NONLOCAL WAVES: Quanta Qualia, Vica Pacheco, 0rphan Drift, Accou, ..

"For the residency at Het Bos we will roam the streets of Antwerp in search of materials we like. The installation we intent to set up will therefore emerge out of the particular pieces/objects/substances/organics/synthetics that we’ll come across. This type of wandering and collecting to us means a practice of hightening our perception. On the one hand: opening up to a world of colors, shapes and other abstract qualities inert in matter, in stimulation of our general ability for sense of awe. On the other hand: raising awareness to the transformative force we exert upon our environment and what’s left behind, adressing the contemporary predicament of a post-apocalyptic vision.

The installation will also contain a digital microscope, so to zoom in on details of those same found objects. A way to discover and reveal micro-ruins, -landscapes and other peculiarities: cracks and stains previously unnoticed or even discarded are then being framed and staged.

We’d like to develop a performance that will emerge from an interaction with the installation: by using the microscope in a live projection and by dealing with the found materials in a choreographic/gestural manner trough dance and sound."

To be a tourist within yrself and in the world, like a constant stranger on new land.” –QQ-

Quanta Qualia is the entanglement of Tomàs Dittborn (Chile `1988) and Siet Raeymaekers (Belgium `1989) also co-running the Nonlocal Research label and the Nonlocal Society collective. Their aesthetic operations emerge through intermingled zones of music, body gesture and visual art.

QQ’s main resources are left-overs from the ruins of the spectacle. Unique pieces of litter are rediscovered through a science-fictional archeology of the present.

Live QQ creates strange feedback loops between Siet’s moving body images and Tomàs’ sound views. Here the found objects become actors and companions for imaginary narratives that constantly arise and disintegrate into ever morphing meanings.